What type of ad-film/ad-campaign should your business have for your budget

Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief.” – Leo Burnett

Visual ad campaigns are still the most powerful form of corporate brand-building. They have the power to cut through the noise and social media algorithms to really connect with consumers.
Yet it’s difficult for businesses to budget for such expensive campaigns without knowing what is involved. So, lets analyze what’s involved in detail.

What is your brand

Brand identity informs any creative or marketing decisions. If you don’t have one for your business, budget for a consultant to help you create one.

Choosing advertising agency

The more prestigious the agency is, the more access they have to top-notch creative talent and the more reach their work can often have. This makes them expensive, yet important.
Decision factors
– Track record with your industry or target audience
– Reputation
– Market reach (i.e. city-wide vs. global)
– Clear understanding of your brand awareness goals
– Network of creative talent
– Price

Elements of making an ad campaign

Here are just some of the tasks we would undertake on behalf of your business

Creating the ad

We will engage scriptwriters and storyboard artists to plot and script the advert, producers to organize finance and logistics and casting agencies to find your actors.

Location and transport

We will arrange location scouts, secure government permit, property rentals and transport for crew and equipment for as many locations as your ad requires and your budget permits.

Stock footage

Should location options be limited, we can source stock footage for B-roll at a very high quality, using companies like Adobe, Shutterstock and our own extensive libraries.


We work with our network of casting directors to cast the right professional leads and background actors for your ad. We pay our actors SAG (Screen Actors Guild) commercial daily rates.

Celebrity casting

We can source the right celebrity lead for your national ad, should you need some star power! Though this will be of considerable expense, but you’ll get a fantastic ROI with increased brand awareness, reputation, and sales.


Any scenes that may require any level of danger to the actors will need to involve trained stunt persons to film those scenes for insurance purposes.


A director with a great track record is a no-brainer. They will bring focus and clear direction to your ad and help draw creativity from the cast.

Behind the scenes

We will also hire cameramen, sound recorders, hair and makeup artists and Craft Services amongst others, as well as arranging equipment hire.


An essential line item. Our talented film editors, colorists, Foley artists and music supervisors are difference makers! They will transform your raw shoot footage into a memorable ad.


We work with some of the finest composers and musicians in the country and can compose the perfect music bed for your ad.


If you already have a song in mind for your ad, our brilliant licensing department have contacts at record label and publishing companies and can negotiate a reasonable licensing fee.

Special effects

If your national ad needs a “wow” factor, we work with an army of talented animators and CGI artists. However, when it comes to effects, we believe in “go hard or go home”, as cheaply-done CGI does a brand more harm than good.


Your ad campaign needs to be aimed at channels and time slots where your target audience are likely to see it and be influenced to action.


Are you aiming for city, state or nationwide brand awareness? Can your business realistically bear the financial risk in anticipation of the ROI?

ROI research

Find research on how visual ad campaigns have impacted the sales and brand awareness of similar companies. This will help you make realistic budget decisions.


It’s widely recommended to set aside a flat percentage of projected revenue for advertising. Quality advertising is expensive, so balance your ambition and pragmatism carefully.


A stylish and memorable ad campaign can transform a business into a recognizable brand with public awareness. It is a statement to the world of your brand and what it can add to their lives. It is worth the investment, but approach it with a combination of ambition and realism and you will see tangible results on sales.